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Square john

square guy


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  • Square-kilometer

    noun 1. a unit of area measurement equal to a square measuring one kilometer on each side. 2 , sq. km. Abbreviation: km.

  • Square-law

    adjective, Electronics. 1. of or relating to an electronic circuit or device that produces an output voltage proportional to the square of its input voltage over the range of input voltages for which it is designed to function: square-law detector.

  • Square-leg

    noun, Cricket. 1. the position of a fielder on the left of the batsman and almost on the opposite side of the wicket. 2. the fielder occupying this position. noun (cricket) 1. a fielding position on the on side approximately at right angles to the batsman 2. a person who fields in this position

  • Squarely

    adverb 1. in a square shape, form, or manner. 2. directly; without evasion; in a straight or straightforward manner: to face a problem squarely. 3. in an honest or open manner; straightforwardly; fairly. 4. firmly; solidly; unequivocally. adverb 1. in a direct way; straight: he hit me squarely on the nose 2. in an honest, […]

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