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the squirearchy.
the position or status of a squire.


Read Also:

  • Squireen

    noun, Chiefly Irish English. 1. the landowner of a small estate; a squire of a small domain. noun 1. (rare) a petty squire

  • Squireling

    noun 1. a landowner of a small estate. 2. a petty squire.

  • Squiring

    noun 1. (in England) a country gentleman, especially the chief landed proprietor in a district. 2. (in the Middle Ages) a young man of noble birth who as an aspirant to knighthood served a knight. 3. a personal attendant, as of a person of rank. 4. a man who accompanies or escorts a woman. 5. […]

  • Squirm

    verb (used without object) 1. to wriggle or writhe. 2. to feel or display discomfort or distress, as from reproof, embarrassment, pain, etc.: He squirmed under the judge’s questioning. noun 3. the act of squirming; a squirming or wriggling movement. verb (intransitive) 1. to move with a wriggling motion; writhe 2. to feel deep mental […]

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