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adjective, squishier, squishiest.
soft and wet:
The ground was squishy from the rain.
softly gurgling or splashing:
The sponge made a squishy sound when it was squeezed.
emotional or sentimental.
adjective -ier, -iest
soft and yielding to the touch


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  • Squit

    noun (Brit, slang) 1. an insignificant person 2. nonsense; rubbish

  • Squiz

    verb (used with object), squizzed, squizzing. 1. to peer at quickly and closely. noun 2. a quick, close look. noun (pl) squizzes 1. (Austral & NZ, slang) a look or glance, esp an inquisitive one

  • Squoosh

    verb (used with or without object), noun, Informal. 1. squish.

  • Squoval

    adjective, noun oval, but with squared sides, as a fingernail Examples Squoval nails are the trend. Word Origin 1992

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