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Secure Sockets Layer: a protocol that uses encryption to ensure the secure transfer of data over the Internet.
Secure Sockets Layer: a way of enabling the secure encrypted transmission of sensitive data via the internet

1. Synthesizer Specification Language.
2. Syntax/Semantic Language (S/SL).
3. Secure Sockets Layer.
Secure Sockets Layer


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  • Ssleay

    networking, security, protocol A free implementation of Netscape’s Secure Socket Layer protocol, coded from scratch, using only the publically available documentation of the various protocols, by Eric Young in Australia. SSLeay supports the DES, RSA, RC4, and IDEA encryption algorithms. [Home?] (2000-12-07)

  • S-sleep

    noun 1. slow-wave sleep.

  • SSM

    1. surface-to-surface missile. abbreviation 1. surface-to-surface missile

  • Ssma

    chat some such meaningless acronym. (1998-10-30)

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