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abbreviation (in Britain)
site of special scientific interest: an area identified by the Nature Conservancy Council or its successors as having flora, fauna, or geological features of special interest


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  • SST

    1. supersonic transport. abbreviation 1. supersonic transport SST definition A commercial aircraft that flies faster than the speed of sound; SST stands for supersonic transport. The Concorde, developed by the British and French, is an example of an SST. SST 1. sea surface temperature 2. spectroscopic survey telescope 3. supersonic transport

  • Ssta

    abbreviation 1. Scottish Secondary Teachers’ Association SSTA sea surface temperature anomaly

  • S-star

    noun, Astronomy. 1. a relatively cool red giant having a surface temperature of about 2500 K and an absorption spectrum with strong lines of zirconium oxide.

  • Sstt

    SSTT small satellite thermal technologies

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