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  • Sswahc

    SSWAHC Society for Social Work Administrators in Health Care

  • St

    1. stere. Real Estate. 1. septic tank. 1. For entries beginning with this word, see also St., Ste. 1. variant of -est1 : first; least. 1. variant of -est2 : hadst; wouldst; dost. 1. Saint. 2. statute; statutes. 3. Strait. 4. Street. 1. stanza. 2. state. 3. statute; statutes. 4. stet. 5. stitch. 6. stone […]

  • S.t.

    1. short ton. s.t. short ton

  • St-506

    storage The first full-height 5.25 inch hard disk drive for personal computers, introduced in 1980 by Shugart Technology (now Seagate Technology). The ST-506 stored up to 5 megabtyes after formatting using MFM encoding. It transferred data at 625 kilobytes per second. The ST-506 (like the ST-412) was interfaced to a computer via a disk controller. […]

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