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Stab culture

stab culture n.
A culture made by inserting an inoculating needle with inoculum down the center of a solid medium contained in a test tube.


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  • Stab drain

    stab drain n. A drain passed into a cavity through a puncture made adjacent to a surgical wound to prevent the wound from becoming infected.

  • Stabilate

    stabilate sta·bi·late (stā’bə-lāt’) n. A population of organisms similar to but more stable than a strain and maintained in viable condition for a particular purpose.

  • Stabile

    adjective 1. fixed in position; stable. 2. Medicine/Medical. resistant to physical or chemical changes. noun 3. a piece of abstract sculpture having immobile units constructed of sheet metal, wire, or other material and attached to fixed supports. Compare mobile (def 10). noun 1. (arts) a stationary abstract construction, usually of wire, metal, wood, etc Compare […]

  • Stabilimeter

    [stey-buh-lim-i-ter, stab-uh-] /ˌsteɪ bəˈlɪm ɪ tɛr, ˌstæb ə-/ noun 1. stabilograph.

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