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Stack loader

hardware, storage
(Or “autoloader”) A magnetic tape drive that can automatically fetch tapes from a stack and load them.
Compare jukebox.
[Sequential or random access?]


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  • Stack of bibles

    stack of Bibles

  • Stack overflow

    programming An error condition which results from attempting to push more items onto a stack than space has been allocated for. Often, this will simply overwrite the adjacent memory locations causing hard-to-trace bugs. Stack overflow can result, for example, from an insufficient number of stack frames to handle hardware interrupts. (1995-03-21)

  • Stack pointer

    architecture, programming (SP) A register or variable pointing to the top of a stack. (2004-11-08)

  • Stack puke

    Some processor architectures are said to “puke their guts onto the stack” to save their internal state during exception processing. The Motorola 68020, for example, regurgitates up to 92 bytes on a bus fault. On a pipelined machine, this can take a while. [Jargon File] (1994-11-01)

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