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Stack zs

cop Zs
stack the cards


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  • Stacte

    noun 1. one of the sweet spices used in the holy incense of the ancient Hebrews. Ex. 30:34. noun 1. (Old Testament) one of several sweet-smelling spices used in incense (Exodus 30:34) (Heb. nataph), one of the components of the perfume which was offered on the golden altar (Ex. 30:34; R.V. marg., “opobalsamum”). The Hebrew […]

  • Stactometer

    noun 1. stalagmometer.

  • Stacy

    noun 1. a male or female given name.

  • Staddle

    noun 1. the lower part of a stack of hay or the like. 2. a supporting frame for a stack, or a platform on which a stack is placed. 3. any supporting framework or base. noun 1. a support or prop, esp a low flat-topped stone structure for supporting hay or corn stacks about two […]

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