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a highly spectacular or artificial device or means, especially for attracting attention.
stage effect
a special effect created on the stage by lighting, sound, etc


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  • Stage-fright

    noun 1. nervousness felt by a performer or speaker when appearing before an audience. stage fright noun 1. nervousness or panic that may beset a person about to appear in front of an audience noun See performance anxiety stage fright Acute nervousness when performing or speaking before an audience, as in When John first had […]

  • Stagehand

    noun 1. a person who moves properties, regulates lighting, etc., in a theatrical production. noun 1. a person who sets the stage, moves props, etc, in a theatrical production

  • Stage-left

    noun, Theater. 1. the part of the stage that is left of center as one faces the audience. noun 1. the part of the stage to the left of a performer facing the audience

  • Stage-manage

    [steyj-man-ij] /ˈsteɪdʒˌmæn ɪdʒ/ verb (used with object), stage-managed, stage-managing. 1. to work as a stage manager for: When he wasn’t acting, he stage-managed a repertory theater. 2. to arrange or stage in order to produce a theatrical or spectacular effect: The clients were most impressed with the way she stage-managed the whole presentation. 3. to […]

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