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the principles of communism associated with Joseph Stalin, characterized especially by the extreme suppression of dissident political or ideological views, the concentration of power in one person, and an aggressive international policy.
the theory and form of government associated with Stalin: a variant of Marxism-Leninism characterized by totalitarianism, rigid bureaucracy, and loyalty to the state
Stalinism [(stah-luh-niz-uhm)]

The form of Marxism associated with Soviet leader Joseph Stalin. Stalinism emphasizes the repression of all dissent, often by brutal means; a rigid adherence to government management of economic life; and the domination of all communist movements worldwide by the Soviet Union. In holding to these beliefs, Stalin opposed Leon Trotsky. (See Trotskyism.)


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  • Stalinist

    adjective 1. of or relating to Joseph Stalin or Stalinism. noun 2. an advocate or supporter of Stalin or Stalinism.

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    noun 1. a former name of Donetsk.

  • Stalinogrod

    noun 1. the former name (1953–56) for Katowice

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    noun 1. former name of Communism Peak. noun 1. a former name for Ismoil Somoni

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