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adjective, Botany.
of or relating to stamens.
of or relating to stamina or endurance.


Read Also:

  • Staminate

    adjective, Botany. 1. having a stamen or stamens. 2. having stamens but no pistils. adjective 1. (of plants) having stamens, esp having stamens but no carpels; male staminate (stā’mə-nĭt) Having stamens but no carpels. Male flowers are staminate.

  • Stamini-

    1. a combining form representing stamen, in compound words: staminiferous.

  • Staminiferous

    [stam-uh-nif-er-uh s] /ˌstæm əˈnɪf ər əs/ adjective, Botany. 1. bearing or having a stamen or stamens.

  • Staminode

    noun, plural staminodia [stam-uh-noh-dee-uh] /ˌstæm əˈnoʊ di ə/ (Show IPA). Botany. 1. a sterile or abortive stamen. 2. a part resembling such a stamen. noun (pl) -nodes, -nodia (-ˈnəʊdɪə) 1. a stamen that produces no pollen

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