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a sudden, frenzied rush or headlong flight of a herd of frightened animals, especially cattle or horses.
any headlong general flight or rush.
Western U.S., Canada. a celebration, usually held annually, combining a rodeo, contests, exhibitions, dancing, etc.
verb (used without object), stampeded, stampeding.
to scatter or flee in a stampede:
People stampeded from the burning theater.
to make a general rush:
On hearing of the sale, they stampeded to the store.
verb (used with object), stampeded, stampeding.
to cause to stampede.
to rush or overrun (a place):
Customers stampeded the stores.
an impulsive headlong rush of startled cattle or horses
headlong rush of a crowd: a stampede of shoppers
any sudden large-scale movement or other action, such as a rush of people to support a candidate
(Western US & Canadian) a rodeo event featuring fairground and social elements
to run away or cause to run away in a stampede


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