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standing erect or upright, as a collar.
performed, taken, etc., while one stands:
a stand-up meal.
designed for or requiring a standing position:
a stand-up lunch counter.
(of a fight) characterized by the rapid exchange of many blows with little attention given to defensive maneuvering.
characterized by an erect or bold stance:
a stand-up batter who hits many doubles.
Baseball. (of a double or triple) pertaining to a hit that allows the hitter to reach the base safely without having to slide.
(of a comedian) delivering a comic monologue while alone on the stage.

See stand-up comedy
stand the gaff


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  • Stand up and be counted

    stand-up stand up and be counted Reveal one’s convictions or opinions, especially when it requires courage to do so. For example, Stop muttering your complaints about the music; stand up and be counted if you want something changed. The counted in this expression alludes to having one’s vote on a matter acknowledged. [ c. 1900 […]

  • Stand-up comedian

    noun See stand-up comic

  • Stand-up comedy

    noun a comic monologue performed by one person standing on a stage; also called stand-up Examples Stand-up comedy is more political than you can imagine. Word Origin 1960s

  • Stand-up comic

    noun a performer who stands and delivers a comic monologue on a stage; also called stand-up comedian Examples Being a stand-up comic is a fun way to make a living. Word Origin 1966

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