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Standard assessment tasks

plural noun
(Brit, education) the former name for National Tests SATS (ˈsæts)


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  • Standard-atmosphere

    noun 1. an arbitrarily determined vertical distribution of atmospheric pressure, temperature, and density, assumed to have physical constants and conforming to parametric equations, used for calculations in ballistics, the design of pressure altimeters, etc. 2. a standard unit of atmospheric pressure, having a value of 1013.2 millibars or 29.9213 inches (760 mm) of mercury.

  • Standard-bearer

    [stan-derd-bair-er] /ˈstæn dərdˌbɛər ər/ noun 1. an officer or soldier of an army or military unit who bears a standard. 2. a conspicuous leader of a movement, political party, or the like. standard-bearer noun 1. an officer or man who carries a standard 2. a leader of a cause or party

  • Standard bicarbonate

    standard bicarbonate n. The plasma bicarbonate concentration of a sample of blood; abnormally high or low values indicate metabolic alkalosis or acidosis, respectively.

  • Standard-book-number

    noun 1. International Standard Book Number. Abbreviation: SBN.

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