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noun, Physics.
a mathematical description of the elementary particles of matter and the fundamental forces by which they interact and behave; a model combining electromagnetic and weak forces.
standard model
(physics) a theory of fundamental interactions in which the electromagnetic, weak, and strong interactions are described in terms of the exchange of virtual particles
standard model
A theory of subatomic particles and their interactions. The standard model is a kind of quantum field theory and states that all matter consists of three types of particles: leptons, quarks, and the gauge bosons (gluons, intermediate vector bosons, and photons), which are responsible for the strong, weak, and electromagnetic forces, along with the more controversial Higgs boson. The standard model was first formulated in the 1970s and was tested repeatedly in the 1980s. It correctly predicted the existence and properties of W and Z bosons. It does not, however, unify all forces, since it does not include an explanation of gravity; a boson called the graviton that might be the mediator of gravity has not been found and cannot be accounted for in the model.

standard model definition

The best theory of the ultimate nature of matter available today. In this theory, all matter is made from quarks and leptons. Particles interact with each other through the medium of the strong force, the electromagnetic force, the weak force, and the gravitational force. At high temperature, the theory sees the first three of these forces as an example of a single unified force.

Note: The standard model is a unified field theory.

Note: The standard model describes the early evolution of the big bang.


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