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(of a garment) designed or constructed to stand upright or extend outward from the body:
a standaway collar.


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    noun, plural standbys. 1. a staunch supporter or adherent; one who can be relied upon. 2. something upon which one can rely and therefore choose or use regularly. 3. something or someone held ready to serve as a substitute, especially a radio or television program used as a filler in case of cancellation of a […]

  • Stand-by

    verb (used without object), stood, standing. 1. (of a person) to be in an upright position on the feet. 2. to rise to one’s feet (often followed by up). 3. to have a specified height when in this position: a basketball player who stands six feet seven inches. 4. to stop or remain motionless or […]

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  • Standby time

    noun the amount of time a battery can power a cellular telephone when calls are not being received or made; the maximum time a cellular telephone can remain in this mode, depending on its battery; also, this operational mode for any other kind of appliance

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