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space in which to stand, as in a theater, stadium, or the like.
accommodation for standing.


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  • Standing-wave

    noun, Physics. 1. a wave in a medium in which each point on the axis of the wave has an associated constant amplitude ranging from zero at the nodes to a maximum at the antinodes. standing wave noun 1. (physics) the periodic disturbance in a medium resulting from the combination of two waves of equal […]

  • Standish

    noun, Archaic. 1. a stand for ink, pens, and other writing materials. noun 1. Burt L. pseudonym of Gilbert Patten. 2. Myles or Miles [mahylz] /maɪlz/ (Show IPA), c1584–1656, American settler, born in England: military leader in Plymouth Colony. noun 1. a stand, usually of metal, for pens, ink bottles, etc noun 1. Myles (or […]

  • Standoff

    noun 1. a standing off or apart; aloofness. 2. a tie or draw, as in a game. 3. something that counterbalances. 4. a prop for holding the top of a ladder away from the vertical surface against which it is leaning. 5. Electricity. an insulator that supports a conductor above a surface. adjective 6. standing […]

  • Stand-off

    verb (used without object), stood, standing. 1. (of a person) to be in an upright position on the feet. 2. to rise to one’s feet (often followed by up). 3. to have a specified height when in this position: a basketball player who stands six feet seven inches. 4. to stop or remain motionless or […]

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