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staphylomatous staph·y·lom·a·tous (stāf’ə-lŏm’ə-təs)
Relating to or marked by staphyloma.


Read Also:

  • Staphyloncus

    staphyloncus staph·y·lon·cus (stāf’ə-lŏng’kəs) n. A tumor or swelling of the uvula.

  • Staphylopharyngorrhaphy

    staphylopharyngorrhaphy staph·y·lo·phar·yn·gor·rha·phy (stāf’ə-lō-fār’ĭng-gôr’ə-fē) n. Surgical repair of defects in the uvula or soft palate and the pharynx. Also called palatopharyngorrhaphy.

  • Staphyloplasty

    /ˈstæfɪləʊˌplæstɪ/ noun 1. plastic surgery or surgical repair involving the soft palate or the uvula staphyloplasty staph·y·lo·plas·ty (stāf’ə-lō-plās’tē) n. Plastic surgery of the uvula and the soft palate.

  • Staphyloptosis

    staphyloptosis staph·y·lop·to·sis (stāf’ə-lŏp-tō’sĭs) n. See uvuloptosis.

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