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a young actress promoted and publicized as a future star, especially in motion pictures.
a small star or other heavenly body.
a young and inexperienced actress who is projected as a potential star
a small star


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  • Starlight

    noun 1. the light emanating from the stars. noun 1. the light emanating from the stars adjective 2. of or like starlight 3. Also starlit (ˈstɑːˌlɪt). illuminated by starlight

  • Starlike

    adjective 1. of the shape of or like a star. 2. shining like a star. 3. Also, star-shaped. Mathematics. (of a set with respect to a point) having the property that the line segment connecting a given point and any other point in a region lies completely within the region.

  • Star-lily

    noun 1. a lily, Lilium concolor, of China, having erect, somewhat fragrant, bright-red flowers.

  • Starling

    noun 1. a chunky, medium-sized European passerine bird, Sturnus vulgaris, of iridescent black plumage with seasonal speckles, that nests in colonies: introduced into North America. 2. any of various similar Old World birds of the family Sturnidae. noun 1. a pointed cluster of pilings for protecting a bridge pier from drifting ice, debris, etc. noun […]

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