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Belle (Myra Belle Shirley) 1848–89, U.S. outlaw and folk hero.
Bryan Bartlett (“Bart”) born 1934, U.S. football player.
Ringo (Richard Starkey) born 1940, English musician, drummer for the Beatles.
a male or female given name.
Contemporary Examples

Roll over, Starr Report: There’s a new contender for most-sordid Washington sex-scandal.
The 12 Juiciest Bits From the Ensign Sex Scandal Report David A. Graham May 12, 2011

Starr began with a conclusion—Clinton was guilty—and proceeded to fit the facts to that conclusion.
The Truth Hunter: One Man’s Quest to Expose Conspiracy from Diana to Watergate Jake Whitney October 10, 2013

Yet the Starr investigation has become the model for political hearings, not Watergate.
The Truth Hunter: One Man’s Quest to Expose Conspiracy from Diana to Watergate Jake Whitney October 10, 2013

Driving out to a bridge after a night of drinking, Starr posted several tweets.
Does Twitter Prevent Suicide? Benjamin Popper November 28, 2009

His company, Starr International, is a large shareholder of AIG, but not the largest by a long shot.
Don’t Blame AIG for Hank Greenberg’s Lawsuit Matthew Zeitlin January 7, 2013

Historical Examples

Without a glance behind, he ran as fast as he could in the direction taken by Starr.
The Gray Phantom Herman Landon

The justice of the peace who indicted the thieves was Western Starr.
Roosevelt in the Bad Lands H. Hagedorn.

You can be sure that things will take no harm during the night, Mr. Starr.
When Egypt Went Broke Holman Day

Something was wrong and despite the hirelings of Starr Wiley she must know.
The Fifth Ace Douglas Grant

After Vaniman had set himself down to that task, Starr went about his business briskly.
When Egypt Went Broke Holman Day

(Myra) Belle. 1848–89, US outlaw, a famous rustler of horses and cattle
Ringo, original name Richard Starkey. born 1940, British rock musician; drummer (1962–70) with the Beatles


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