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captivated by famous people or by fame itself.
completely overawed by someone’s celebrity status


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  • Star-struck

    adjective 1. captivated by famous people or by fame itself. starker

  • Star-studded

    [stahr-stuhd-id] /ˈstɑrˌstʌd ɪd/ adjective 1. lighted by or full of stars; bright: a star-studded night. 2. exhibiting or characterized by the presence of many preeminent performers: a star-studded Hollywood party. star-studded adjective 1. featuring a large proportion of well-known actors or other performers: a star-studded cast

  • Starsys

    Convergent Technologies Operating System

  • Star-system

    noun 1. the practice of casting and promoting star performers for their ability to draw at the box office. noun 1. (astronomy) a group of celestial bodies that are associated as a result of natural laws 2. the practice of casting one or two famous actors or actresses in a film, play, etc, so that […]

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