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Start over

Begin again, as in This article is no good; I’ll have to start over. [ Early 1900s ]


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  • Start page

    noun the opening page in a browser, set by the user; also called home page Usage Note computing

  • Star trek

    Star Trek definition A television series of the 1960s, and later a series of successful films, in which a group of space explorers in their craft, the Enterprise, traveled through interstellar space. Note: The original Star Trek programs spawned a number of other television series during the late twentieth century and early twenty-first century.

  • Start something

    Cause trouble, especially a quarrel or fight, as in Stop bringing that up—do you want to start something? [ ; early 1900s ]

  • Startup

    noun 1. the act or fact of starting something; a setting in motion. 2. a new business venture, or a new commercial or industrial project: a small, 5-month-old Internet startup. adjective 3. of or relating to the beginning of such a venture or project, especially to an investment made to initiate it: high start-up costs […]

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