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Starting grid

(motor racing) a marked section of the track at the start where the cars line up according to their times in practice, the fastest occupying the front position


Read Also:

  • Starting-handle

    noun, British. 1. a crank used to start the motor of an automobile.

  • Starting rate

    noun 1. (in Britain) a rate of income tax below the basic rate

  • Starting stalls

    plural noun 1. (Brit) a line of stalls in which horses are enclosed at the start of a race and from which they are released by the simultaneous springing open of retaining barriers at the front of each stall

  • Start in on

    1. Begin doing something, as in We started right in on the repairs . Also see start in 2. Attack, especially verbally, as in Nancy keeps starting in on Carl, complaining about the errors in his work. [ Early 1900s ]

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