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noun, plural stases
[stey-seez, stas-eez] /ˈsteɪ siz, ˈstæs iz/ (Show IPA)
the state of equilibrium or inactivity caused by opposing equal forces.
Pathology. stagnation in the flow of any of the fluids of the body, as of the blood in an inflamed area or the intestinal contents proximal to an obstruction.
(pathol) a stagnation in the normal flow of bodily fluids, such as the blood or urine
(literature) a state or condition in which there is no action or progress; static situation: dramatic stasis

stasis sta·sis (stā’sĭs, stās’ĭs)
n. pl. sta·ses (stā’sēz, stās’ēz)
Stoppage of the normal flow of a body substance, as of blood through an artery or of intestinal contents through the bowels.


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