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Stated case

another term for case stated


Read Also:

  • Stationary-engine

    noun 1. an engine mounted in a fixed position, as one used for driving generators, compressors, etc. stationary engine noun 1. an engine that remains in a fixed position, esp one in a building that drives generators or other machinery

  • Stationary-engineer

    noun 1. a person who runs or is licensed to run a stationary engine.

  • Stationary-front

    noun, Meteorology. 1. a front between warm and cold air masses that is moving very slowly or not at all. stationary front (stā’shə-něr’ē) A transition zone between two nearly stationary air masses of different density. See more at front.

  • Stationary orbit

    noun 1. (astronautics) an orbit lying in, or approximately in, the plane of the equator for which the orbital period is equal to the spin period of the central body

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