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Static friction

static friction
See under friction.


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  • Staticky

    adjective 1. containing or producing static electricity. 2. affected by random noise due to electrical interference: staticky radio reception.

  • Static-line

    noun, Military. 1. a line attached to a parachute pack and to a cable in an aircraft for the purpose of automatically opening the parachute after it is dropped. noun 1. a line attaching the pack of a parachute to an aircraft, so that the parachute is opened when it has fallen clear of the […]

  • Static link

    compiler (Or “access link” or “environment link”) A pointer from an activation record to the activation record for the textually enclosing scope. A static link is only required in a statically (lexically) scoped language. The number of static links to follow may be determined statically (at compile time). It is simply the difference in lexical […]

  • Static-memory

    noun, Computers. 1. the contents of computer memory that remain fixed until written to or until the power is turned off. static memory Computer memory used by a piece of software that contains fixed information that is not altered while the software is running. See static RAM.

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