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Static nested scoping

static nested scope


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  • Static-pressure

    noun, Physics. 1. the pressure exerted by a fluid that is not moving or flowing. static pressure The pressure exerted by a liquid or gas, especially water or air, when the bodies on which the pressure is exerted are not in motion.

  • Static ram

    static RAM A type of RAM that stores data in transistor circuits. Static RAM is faster than dynamic RAM and does not need to be continuously refreshed. Because it is more expensive and holds less data than dynamic RAM, it is used primarily for cache memory. static random-access memory

  • Static random-access memory

    storage (SRAM) Random-access memory in which each bit of storage is a bistable flip-flop, commonly consisting of cross-coupled inverters. It is called “static” because it will retain a value as long as power is supplied, unlike dynamic random-access memory (DRAM) which must be regularly refreshed. It is however, still volatile, i.e. it will lose its […]

  • Static reflex

    static reflex n. See righting reflex.

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