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adjective, Also, statical
pertaining to or characterized by a fixed or stationary condition.
showing little or no change:
a static concept; a static relationship.
lacking movement, development, or vitality:
The novel was marred by static characterizations, especially in its central figures.
Sociology. referring to a condition of social life bound by tradition.
Electricity. pertaining to or noting static electricity.
noting or pertaining to atmospheric electricity interfering with radar, radio, the sending and receiving of wireless messages, etc.
Physics. acting by mere weight without producing motion:
static pressure.
Economics. pertaining to fixed relations, or different combinations of fixed quantities:
static population.
Computers. (of data storage, processing, or programming) unaffected by the passage of time or the presence or absence of power:
A static website contains Web pages with fixed content that does not change as the user interacts with it.

static or atmospheric electricity.
interference due to such electricity.

Informal. difficulty; trouble:
Will your dad give you any static on using the car?
not active or moving; stationary
(of a weight, force, or pressure) acting but causing no movement
of or concerned with forces that do not produce movement Compare dynamic (sense 1)
relating to or causing stationary electric charges; electrostatic
of or relating to interference in the reception of radio or television transmissions
of or concerned with statics
(sociol) characteristic of or relating to a society that has reached a state of equilibrium so that no changes are taking place
(computing) (of a memory) not needing its contents refreshed periodically Compare dynamic (sense 5)
random hissing or crackling or a speckled picture caused by the interference of electrical disturbances in the reception of radio or television transmissions
electric sparks or crackling produced by friction

Having no motion; being at rest. Compare dynamic.

Relating to or producing static electricity.

Noun Distortion or interruption of a broadcast signal, such as crackling or noise in a receiver or specks on a television screen, often produced when background electromagnetic radiation in the atmosphere disturbs signal reception or when there are loose connections in the transmission or reception circuits.
state of the art


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