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combining form
static; standing; fixed: statolith

stato- pref.
Equilibrium; balance: statoacoustic.


Read Also:

  • Statoacoustic

    statoacoustic stat·o·a·cous·tic (stāt’ō-ə-kōō’stĭk) adj. Relating to equilibrium and hearing.

  • Statoblast

    noun, Zoology. 1. (in certain bryozoans) an asexually produced group of cells encased in a chitinous covering that can survive unfavorable conditions, as freezing or drought, and germinate to produce a new colony. noun 1. (zoology) an encapsulated bud produced asexually by certain bryozoans that can survive adverse conditions and that gives rise to a […]

  • Statoconium

    statoconium stat·o·co·ni·um (stāt’ə-kō’nē-əm) n. pl. stat·o·co·ni·a (-nē-ə) Any of the crystalline particles of calcium carbonate and a protein adhering to the gelatinous membrane of the maculae of the utricle and saccule. Also called statolith, otoconium.

  • Statocyst

    noun, Zoology. 1. (in certain invertebrates) a sense organ consisting of a sac enclosing sensory hairs and particles of sand, lime, etc., that functions in maintaining equilibrium, serving to indicate position in space. noun 1. an organ of balance in some invertebrates, such as crustaceans, that consists of a sensory vesicle containing small granules See […]

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