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Zoology. any of the granules of lime, sand, etc., contained within a statocyst.
Botany. an inclusion, as a starch grain, that by a change in position within the cells of an organ or part is assumed to cause a corresponding change in position of the organ or part.
Also called otolith. any of the granules of calcium carbonate occurring in a statocyst: movement of statoliths, caused by a change in position of the animal, stimulates hair cells, which convey the information to the brain by nerve fibres
any of various movable inclusions, such as starch grains, that occur in plant cells and are thought to function in geotropic responses

statolith stat·o·lith (stāt’l-ĭth’)

A small, movable concretion of calcium carbonate found in statocysts; an otolith.

See statoconium.


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