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an object, habit, etc., by which the social or economic status of the possessor may be judged.
status symbol
a possession which is regarded as proof of the owner’s social position, wealth, prestige, etc
status symbol
A position or activity that allows one’s social prestige to be displayed, as in She doesn’t even drive; that car of hers is purely a status symbol. [ Mid-1900s ]


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  • Status zero

    noun 1. the condition of young people who are out of school but not in further education or training, permanently or regularly out of work, and dropping out of the mainstream of society

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    adjective 1. (of an offense) recognized by statute; legally punishable. 2. prescribed, authorized, or permitted by statute: the statutable age of a voter. adjective 1. a variant of statutory (sense 2), statutory (sense 3)

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