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(of fabric or clothing) treated so as to retain a freshly ironed look after washing.


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  • Stays

    verb (used without object), stayed or staid, staying. 1. to spend some time in a place, in a situation, with a person or group, etc.: He stayed in the army for ten years. 2. to continue to be as specified, as to condition or state: to stay clean. 3. to hold out or endure, as […]

  • Staysail

    noun, Nautical. 1. any sail set on a stay, as a triangular sail between two masts. noun 1. an auxiliary sail, often triangular, set to catch the wind, as between the masts of a yawl (mizzen staysail), aft of a spinnaker (spinnaker staysail), etc

  • Stay stitching

    noun 1. a line of stitches made in the seam allowance to prevent the edges from stretching

  • Stay-up

    noun 1. something used to support or steady a thing; prop; brace. 2. a flat strip of steel, plastic, etc., used especially for stiffening corsets, collars, etc. 3. a long rod running between opposite walls, heads or sides of a furnace, boiler, tank, or the like, to strengthen them against internal pressures. 4. stays, Chiefly […]

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