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a person or thing that stays

a persistent or tenacious person
(horse racing) a persistent horse


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  • Staying

    verb (used without object), stayed or staid, staying. 1. to spend some time in a place, in a situation, with a person or group, etc.: He stayed in the army for ten years. 2. to continue to be as specified, as to condition or state: to stay clean. 3. to hold out or endure, as […]

  • Staying-power

    noun 1. ability or strength to last or endure; endurance; stamina. staying power noun 1. endurance; stamina staying power The ability to endure or last, as in I’m not sure that this young novelist will have staying power, or Our candidate definitely has staying power. This expression comes from racing, where it means “the strength […]

  • Stay-in strike

    [stey-in] /ˈsteɪˌɪn/ noun, British. 1. sit-down strike.

  • Stayman

    noun, plural Staymans. 1. a variety of apple grown chiefly in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. noun 1. (in contract bridge) a conventional response in clubs to a partner’s opening no-trump bid, as a request for the partner to show any four-card major

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