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a receptacle in which water is boiled to generate steam.
a vessel in which water is boiled to generate steam. An industrial boiler usually consists of a system of parallel tubes through which water passes, suspended above a furnace


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  • Steam-chest

    noun 1. the chamber from which steam enters the cylinder of an engine. noun 1. a chamber that encloses the slide valve of a steam engine and forms a manifold for the steam supply to the valve

  • Steam-coal

    noun 1. coal with relatively high sulfur content, suited for generating steam but not for coking. noun 1. coal suitable for use in producing steam, as in a steam-boiler

  • Steam-engine

    noun 1. an engine worked by steam, typically one in which a sliding piston in a cylinder is moved by the expansive action of the steam generated in a boiler. steam-engine noun 1. an engine that uses the thermal energy of steam to produce mechanical work, esp one in which steam from a boiler is […]

  • Steamer

    noun 1. something propelled or operated by steam, as a steamship. 2. a person or thing that steams. 3. a device, pot, or container in which something is steamed. 4. soft-shell clam. verb (used without object) 5. to travel by steamship. noun 1. water in the form of an invisible gas or vapor. 2. water […]

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