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a boxlike table or counter, usually of stainless steel, with receptacles in the top into which containers of food may be fitted to be kept warm by steam or hot water in the compartment below.


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  • Steamtight

    adjective 1. impervious to steam. adjective 1. (of joints, cylinders, etc) being sealed in such a way that steam cannot leak out

  • Steam trap

    noun 1. a device in a steam pipe that collects and discharges condensed water

  • Steam whistle

    noun 1. a type of whistle sounded by a blast of steam, as used formerly in factories, on locomotives, etc

  • Steamy

    adjective, steamier, steamiest. 1. consisting of or resembling steam. 2. full of or abounding in steam; emitting steam. 3. covered with or as if with condensed steam: a steamy bathroom mirror. 4. hot and humid. 5. Informal. passionate or erotic. adjective steamier, steamiest 1. of, resembling, full of, or covered with steam 2. (informal) lustful […]

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