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a combining form borrowed from Greek, where it meant “fat”, used with this meaning, and with reference to stearic acid and its related compounds, in the formation of compound words:
stearoptene; stearoyl.

stearo- or stear-
Fat: stearate.


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  • Stearoptene

    noun, Chemistry. 1. the oxygenated solid part of an essential oil (opposed to eleoptene). noun 1. the part of an essential oil that separates out as a solid on cooling or standing

  • Steat

    1. a combining form meaning “fat,” “tallow”; used in the formation of compound words: steatopygia. combining form 1. denoting fat steato- or steat- pref. Fat: steatolytic.

  • Steatite

    noun 1. soapstone. noun 1. another name for soapstone

  • Steatitis

    steatitis ste·a·ti·tis (stē’ə-tī’tĭs) n. An inflammation of adipose tissue.

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