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a steelworks.


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  • Steel-pan

    noun 1. steel drum.

  • Steam-bath

    noun 1. a bath of steam, usually in a specially equipped room or enclosure, for cleansing or refreshing oneself. 2. a special room or enclosure, or an establishment containing it, for such a bath. 3. a bath of steam used in laboratories for sterilizing equipment, utensils, etc. noun 1. a room or enclosure that can […]

  • Steel-trap

    noun 1. a trap for catching animals, consisting of spring-operated steel jaws with sharp projections that clamp shut.

  • Steel-wool

    noun 1. a tangled or matted mass of stringlike steel shavings, used for scouring, polishing, smoothing, etc. noun 1. a tangled or woven mass of fine steel fibres, used for cleaning or polishing

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