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a variant spelling of Steyr


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  • Steiermark

    noun 1. German name of Styria. noun 1. the German name for Styria

  • Stein

    noun 1. a mug, usually earthenware, especially for beer. 2. the quantity of beer or other liquid contained in a stein. noun 1. Gertrude, 1874–1946, U.S. author in France. 2. Heinrich Friedrich Karl [hahyn-rikh free-drikh kahrl] /ˈhaɪn rɪx ˈfri drɪx kɑrl/ (Show IPA), Baron vom und zum [fawm oo nt tsoo m] /fɔm ʊnt tsʊm/ […]

  • Steinamanger

    [shtahyn-ahm-ahng-uh r] /ˈʃtaɪn ɑmˈɑŋ ər/ noun 1. German name of Szombathely.

  • Steinbeck

    noun 1. John (Ernst) [urnst] /ɜrnst/ (Show IPA), 1902–68, U.S. novelist: Nobel prize 1962. noun 1. John (Ernst). 1902–68, US writer, noted for his novels about agricultural workers, esp The Grapes of Wrath (1939): Nobel prize for literature 1962

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