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noun, Skiing.
a turn made by stemming one ski and then bringing the other parallel to it during the turn.


Read Also:

  • Stem-duchy

    noun 1. (in medieval Germany) any of the independent duchies corresponding in part to areas of tribal settlement and preserving some elements of tribal social structure.

  • Stem-end rot

    [stem-end] /ˈstɛmˌɛnd/ noun, Plant Pathology. 1. a disease of fruits characterized by discoloration, shriveling, and decay of the stem and adjacent parts of the fruit and caused by any of several fungi of the genera Diplodia and Phomopsis.

  • Stem ginger

    noun 1. the choice pieces of the underground stem of the ginger plant, which are crystallized or preserved in syrup and eaten as a sweetmeat

  • Stemhead

    noun 1. (nautical) the head of the stem of a vessel

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