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Stem the tide

Stop the course of a trend or tendency, as in It is not easy to stem the tide of public opinion. This idiom uses stem in the sense of “stop” or “restrain.” [ Mid-1800s ]


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  • Stem to stern

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  • Stem-turn

    noun, Skiing. 1. a turn in which a skier stems one ski in the direction to be turned and brings the other ski around so that both skis are parallel. noun 1. (skiing) a turn in which the heel of one ski is stemmed and the other ski is brought parallel Also called stem

  • Stemware

    noun 1. glass or crystal vessels, especially for beverages and desserts, having rounded bowls mounted on footed stems. noun 1. a collective term for glasses, goblets, etc, with stems

  • Stemwinder

    noun 1. a stemwinding watch. 2. Older Slang. something remarkable of its kind. a rousing speech, especially a stirring political address. a stirring orator.

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