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[sten-oh-pet-l-uh s] /ˌstɛn oʊˈpɛt l əs/
adjective, Botany.
having narrow petals.
(of flowers) having narrow petals


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  • Stenophagous

    [sti-nof-uh-guh s] /stɪˈnɒf ə gəs/ adjective, Ecology. 1. (of an animal) feeding on a limited variety of foods (opposed to euryphagous). stenophagous /stəˈnɒfəɡəs/ adjective 1. (of animals) feeding on a single type or limited variety of food

  • Stenophyllous

    [sten-oh-fil-uh s] /ˌstɛn oʊˈfɪl əs/ adjective, Botany. 1. having narrow leaves. stenophyllous /ˌstɛnəʊˈfɪləs/ adjective 1. (of plants) having narrow leaves

  • Stenosal murmur

    stenosal murmur ste·no·sal murmur (stə-nō’səl) n. An arterial murmur due to a narrowing of the vessel from pressure or organic change.

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    adjective, Medicine/Medical. 1. characterized by stenosis; abnormally narrowed. stenosed ste·nosed (stə-nōzd’, -nōst’) adj. Marked by or showing stenosis; narrowed; strictured.

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