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stenoxenous sten·ox·e·nous (stə-nŏk’sə-nəs)
Of or relating to a parasite having a narrow range of potential hosts.


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  • Stent

    noun 1. Medicine/Medical. a small, expandable tube used for inserting in a blocked vessel or other part. noun 1. (med) a tube of plastic or sprung metal mesh placed inside a hollow tube to reopen it or keep it open; uses in surgery include preventing a blood vessel from closing, esp after angioplasty, and assisting […]

  • Stentor

    noun 1. (in the Iliad) a Greek herald with a loud voice. 2. (lowercase) a person having a very loud or powerful voice. 3. (lowercase) a trumpet-shaped, ciliate protozoan of the genus Stentor. noun 1. a person with an unusually loud voice 2. any trumpet-shaped protozoan of the genus Stentor, having a ciliated spiral feeding […]

  • Stentorian

    adjective 1. very loud or powerful in sound: a stentorian voice. adjective 1. (of the voice, etc) uncommonly loud: stentorian tones

  • Stentorious

    adjective 1. stentorian.

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