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Step up to the plate

step out on someone


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  • Stepwise

    adverb 1. in a steplike arrangement. 2. Music. from one adjacent tone to another: The melody ascends stepwise. adjective 3. Music. moving from one adjacent tone to another: stepwise melodic progression. adjective 1. arranged in the manner of or resembling steps 2. (music, US) proceeding by melodic intervals of a second adverb 3. with the […]

  • Stepwise refinement

    top-down design

  • Ster

    1. a suffix used in forming nouns, often derogatory, referring especially to occupation, habit, or association: gamester; songster; trickster. 1. sterling. suffix 1. indicating a person who is engaged in a certain activity: prankster, songster Compare -stress 2. indicating a person associated with or being something specified: mobster, youngster stepping ster. sterling

  • Steradian

    noun, Geometry. 1. a solid angle at the center of a sphere subtending a section on the surface equal in area to the square of the radius of the sphere. Abbreviation: sr. noun 1. an SI unit of solid angle; the angle that, having its vertex in the centre of a sphere, cuts off an […]

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