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[step-daw-ter] /ˈstɛpˌdɔ tər/
a daughter of one’s husband or wife by a previous marriage.
a daughter of one’s husband or wife by a former union


Read Also:

  • Step-down

    adjective, Electricity. 1. serving to reduce or decrease voltage: a step-down transformer.

  • Stepfamily

    noun, plural stepfamilies. 1. a family composed of a parent, a stepparent, and a child or children by a previous marriage.

  • Stepfather

    noun 1. the husband of one’s mother by a later marriage. noun 1. a man who has married one’s mother after the death or divorce of one’s father

  • Stepford

    adjective (informal, derogatory) 1. blandly conformist and submissive: a Stepford employee noun 2. Stepford wife, a married woman who submits to her husband’s will and is preoccupied by domestic concerns and her own personal appearance adjective pertaining to a person with a conforming and compliant attitude, much like a robot

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