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Stephen cole kleene

Stephen Kleene


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  • Stephen f austin

    noun 1. Alfred, 1835–1913, English poet: poet laureate 1896–1913. 2. John, 1790–1859, English writer on law. 3. John Langshaw [lang-shaw] /ˈlæŋ ʃɔ/ (Show IPA), 1911–60, British philosopher. 4. Mary (Hunter) 1868–1934, U.S. novelist, playwright, and short-story writer. 5. Stephen Fuller, 1793–1836, American colonizer in Texas. 6. Warren Robinson, 1877–1962, U.S. diplomat. 7. Augustine, Saint (def […]

  • Stephen hawking

    noun 1. Stephen William, born 1942, English mathematician and theoretical physicist. noun 1. Stephen William. Born 1942, British physicist. Stricken with a progressive nervous disease since the 1960s, he has nevertheless been a leader in cosmological theory. His publications intended for a wide audience include A Brief History of Time (1987) and The Grand Design […]

  • Stephen I

    noun 1. Saint, died a.d. 257? pope 254–257.

  • Stephen II

    noun 1. died a.d. 757, pope 752–757.

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