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an instance of raising the foot over the ball while in possession in order to wrong-foot an opponent


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  • Steppage

    steppage step·page (stěp’ĭj) n. The peculiar gait seen in neuritis of the peroneal nerve and in tabes dorsalis, characterized by high stepping to allow the drooping foot and toes to clear the ground.

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    noun 1. a stepfather or stepmother.

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    noun 1. a stepfather or stepmother. noun 1. a stepfather or stepmother

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    noun 1. an extensive plain, especially one without trees. 2. The Steppes, the vast grasslands, especially those in the S and E European and W and SW Asian parts of Russia. Kirghiz Steppe. noun 1. (often pl) an extensive grassy plain usually without trees Compare prairie, pampas steppe (stěp) A vast, semiarid grassland, as found […]

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