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increased; augmented; expanded; heightened:
a stepped-up fundraising campaign.


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  • Steppenwolf

    noun 1. a novel (1927) by Hermann Hesse.

  • Stepper

    noun 1. a person or animal that steps, especially a horse that lifts its front legs high at the knee. 2. Informal. a dancer. noun 1. a person who or animal that steps, esp a horse or a dancer

  • Stepper motor

    hardware An electric motor that rotates in small, fixed increments and is used, among other things, to control the radial position (seeking) of the heads on a disk drive. (2006-12-24)

  • Steppes

    noun 1. an extensive plain, especially one without trees. 2. The Steppes, the vast grasslands, especially those in the S and E European and W and SW Asian parts of Russia. Kirghiz Steppe. Kirghiz Steppe noun 1. a steppe in Kazakhstan. plural noun the Steppes 1. the huge grasslands of Eurasia, chiefly in Ukraine and […]

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