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[step-ing-stohn] /ˈstɛp ɪŋˌstoʊn/
a stone, or one of a line of stones, in shallow water, a marshy place, or the like, that is stepped on in crossing.
a stone for use in mounting or ascending.
any means or stage of advancement or improvement:
She looked on the governorship as a steppingstone to the presidency.


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  • Step-rocket

    noun, Rocketry. 1. a multistage rocket that discards burned-out stages.

  • Stepsibling

    noun 1. a stepbrother or stepsister.

  • Stepsister

    noun 1. one’s stepfather’s or stepmother’s daughter by a previous marriage. noun 1. a daughter of one’s stepmother or stepfather by a union with someone other than one’s father or mother respectively

  • Stepson

    noun 1. a son of one’s husband or wife by a previous marriage. noun 1. a son of one’s husband or wife by a former union

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