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[ster-ee-oh-kam-er-uh, -kam-ruh, steer-] /ˈstɛr i oʊˌkæm ər ə, -ˌkæm rə, ˈstɪər-/
a stereoscopic camera.


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  • Stereocampimeter

    stereocampimeter ster·e·o·cam·pim·e·ter (stěr’ē-ō-kām-pĭm’ĭ-tər, stēr’-) n. An apparatus for studying the central visual fields.

  • Stereochemical formula

    stereochemical formula n. A chemical formula that indicates the spatial arrangement of atoms or atomic groupings in a molecule. Also called spacial formula.

  • Stereochemistry

    [ster-ee-oh-kem-uh-stree, steer-] /ˌstɛr i oʊˈkɛm ə stri, ˌstɪər-/ noun 1. the branch of chemistry that deals with the determination of the relative positions in space of the atoms or groups of atoms in a compound and with the effects of these positions on the properties of the compound. stereochemistry /ˌstɛrɪəʊˈkɛmɪstrɪ; ˌstɪər-/ noun 1. the study […]

  • Stereochrome

    [ster-ee-uh-krohm, steer-] /ˈstɛr i əˌkroʊm, ˈstɪər-/ noun 1. a picture produced by a process in which water glass is used as a vehicle or as a preservative coating. stereochrome /ˈstɛrɪəʊˌkrəʊm; ˈstɪər-/ noun 1. a picture made by stereochromy verb 2. (transitive) to produce (a picture) by the process of stereochromy

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